OBD Breakfast Sandwich

This is what is in mine……….

-Cream Cheese Spread (1 part Twizted Chipotle, 3 parts Cream Cheese)

-“Everything Bagel, lightly toasted

-1/4 Avacado, sliced

-1 Egg, fried over medium

-Swiss Cheese

-3 strips bacon

I love a good breakfast sandwich but they can get a bit redundant. This one brings new life to breakfast with a wonderful combination of flavors. Our sauces can become your “secret ingredient” and are always looking for unique ways to use them.

To make the spread simply whisk together Old Blind Dog BBQ with cream cheese in a small bowl. Any of our styles will work. I used Twizted Chipotle but any of our styles will do

Start your bacon first because it will take the longest to cook and it will hold better than the other items. Cook your eggs however you like them. I like them over medium for a breakfast sandwich because you still get a bit of a runny yolk without making the sandwich overly messy. If you are cooking for a lot of people it may be more practical to make some folded eggs on the griddle or cook some off on a sheet pan in the oven.

Toast your bagel and spread the cream cheese mixture. If you are not very hungry or just need a quick breakfast you can stop right here!

At this point I feel a little silly explaining how to assemble a sandwich. I think you can figure it out from here.

I like this breakfast for a couple of reasons. One is because it can be completely made on the flat top grill. Being a full time RV’er I am always looking for ways to cook outside. The other reason is because it has interchangeable parts. I used swiss cheese but I think a smoked gouda would be amazing. Swap out the bacon for some spicy sausage. You could add tomato, onions, peppers, or pretty much any veggie.

Have fun with it and enjoy!

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